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Corruption usually occurs whenever one person or party tries to influence or control another person or party using illegal means. There are many ordinary situations, particularly in business, that can lend themselves to corruption. Corruption crimes include, but are not limited to:

The most commonly reported type of corruption is political and/or government corruption. Politicians abuse their power in the same way that wealthy corporations may abuse their resources to garner political clout. In cases where money is given in exchange for a political favor, corruption is evident. Other well-known forms of corruption include business, corporate, bank, mortgage and foreclosure, police and judicial corruption, as well as public, personal and data (identification) corruption.

Corruption Defense Lawyer in Texas

It is considered a federal crime to persuade a person, business or government entity using gifts, money and threats. Corruption is not taken lightly in this country due to the public perception of impeding justice. Corruption can include tampering with a corporate 401K, retirement plans, and even medications and local law enforcement agencies. Negative effects of corruption can permanently tarnish your reputation, due to its potential effect on the public safety of fellow citizens. If you believe you may be a victim of corruption, or if you have been falsely accused, don’t hesitate in contacting a corruption attorney in Austin who will fight for your rights, protection and safety.

Austin Corruption Defense Attorney

While tolerated elsewhere, corruption is prosecuted aggressively in Texas. Prosecutors will pursue corruption cases with zeal. If you become the victim of the system or are falsely accused, there is something you can do to stop it. It takes integrity, partnership and courage to combat false accusations of corruption. It may sound difficult and challenging, but with the help of the skilled and experienced attorneys at The Law Office of David D. White, PLLC it is possible.

Don’t let corruption or allegations of corruption take control of you, your free will or your business. Corruption is a federally prosecuted crime and can mean prison time and large fines. If you believe you may be a victim, or if you believe you may have been falsely accused, you need professional legal counsel. Even if you know of anyone who has committed or is trying to commit corruption crimes, we can help.

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