When you’re charged with a crime of any magnitude, the uncertainty of your future can be overwhelming. You aren’t sure if you’re going to jail, facing large fines or worse. The Law Office of David D. White, PLLC has the experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer you need to fight for your rights. We provide legal assistance in all types of cases, including:

Sex Crimes

Drug Crimes



White-collar Crimes




Juvenile Offenses

Federal Crimes

Probation Revocation


From misdemeanors to the felonies, there’s no case we won’t handle. Call 512-369-3737 today to schedule a free consultation about your case with a criminal attorney in Austin, Texas.

We have courtroom and negotiating experience

Attorney White has extensive courtroom experience, including time served as a prosecutor in the Lubbock County Attorney’s Office. We’ve handled cases for the prosecution and defense and know how to negotiate the best offers for our clients. We also work hard to achieve the best possible outcome in a jury verdict at trial. Attorney White has been praised in highly contested and highly publicized cases, from traffic tickets to misdemeanors and severe felonies. Get the legal assistance you need by contacting a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Austin, Texas today.