Domestic Abuse Lawyer in Austin

Domestic abuse is any form of verbal, physical, emotional, or financial abuse that occurs between family members. Family members include spouses, parents, children, and siblings. Most domestic abuse victims are women, although men can be victims of domestic abuse as well. With most domestic abuse arrests, the arresting agency has most likely only had the opportunity to hear one side of the story. Unfortunately, due to the safety precautions placed with domestic abuse, that limited information is sufficient to issue a warrant and place you under arrest. Without proper legal representation, you may never be afforded the opportunity to be heard.

Domestic Abuse Charges Defense

A common defense to domestic abuse is self defense. Self defense is based on the premise that it was necessary for you to use an appropriate amount of force to prevent your attacker from causing you bodily injury. If you reasonably believed you were subject to potential and imminent bodily injury, using appropriate force is allowed by law to prevent yourself from being harmed.

In most cases, charges of domestic abuse are brought by females. The general perception is that females are physically weaker than males and therefore are deemed unable to harm a male in a physical altercation. Make sure you hire attorneys who are able to unmask all potential defenses in a court of law, whether you are male or female.

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Central Texas Domestic Abuse Lawyer

People convicted of domestic abuse are often adjudicated with an additional finding, called a “family violence finding”. This finding does not by itself add penalties to your plea bargain or sentence, but carries consequences of which you should be aware. If you have been adjudicated with a finding of family violence, the next time you are charged with domestic abuse the state can enhance your charge from a Class A misdemeanor to a felony. You also lose the right to carry a firearm. Subtleties such as these are reasons why you need an experienced domestic abuse attorney handling your case.

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