DWI Lawyer in Austin

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a crime that Austin law enforcement takes seriously. A conviction for DWI will most likely remain on your criminal history for the rest of your life. An experienced DWI lawyer in Austin like the staff at The Law Office of David D. White, PLLC can help get your charges reduced or dismissed entirely. If a trial is necessary they will aggressively and diligently represent you in the courtroom and insure your rights and privileges are protected every step of the way.

Your Austin DWI Defense Attorney

Those who have been charged with DWI realize over the importance of retaining an experienced criminal attorney. You should expect and demand an attorney who will go to bat for you and aggressively fight through every step of the legal process. While most people believe that “price shopping” when hiring a lawyer will save them money, in the end you may be paying two or three times more in fines and restitution than you would have spent on an experienced DWI lawyer in the first place. A DWI conviction can result in fines, probation fees, surcharges, and loss of driver’s license which can end up costing you a fortune.
Give our offices a call – you might be surprised at how affordable solid representation can be. The Law Office of David D. White, PLLC even offer payment plans for those with financial hardships. Freedom is priceless – call The Law Office of David D. White, PLLC today.

Central Texas DWI Defense Lawyer

Drunk driving convictions can change your life in a flash, especially if you have priors on your criminal record. Not only do you stand to lose everyday privileges like driving, you may also lose your good standing in society, your job and future employment opportunities, not to mention your friends. Don’t let a DWI arrest ruin your life – hire a lawyer you can trust as soon as possible.

If you are found guilty of DWI in court, you should be aware of the consequences you may face:

  • Jail
  • Fines
  • Loss of your driver’s license
  • Loss of your car
  • Restitution for any damages caused

In any case, being convicted of such a crime is a life altering event. A DWI conviction is embarrassing, expensive and inconvenient. The loss of driving privileges could easily cost you your job.

With The Law Office of David D. White, PLLC by your side, you won’t ever have to go to court wondering if you are receiving the highest quality representation. In order to go into court with confidence, you need a lawyer you can depend on to provide you with your best defense.

If you’ve been searching for defense lawyer to help bring strength and success to your DWI case, give us a call today. You can call our office at (512) 369-3737. Contact an Austin DWI attorney to discuss the facts of your case with you and then schedule a consultation.