Financial Fraud Attorney in Austin

An individual or corporation accused of financial fraud in the state of Texas will need an excellent financial fraud attorney that is experienced in dealing with fraud charges if they are to stand a chance of beating them. Public opinion weighs sharply against those who are in possession of money and power, and an accusation that someone has misused their power for further financial gain can destroy one’s standing in his or her community.

Types of Financial Fraud Charges

There are numerous types of financial fraud charges that the government can bring against its target:

  • Bank fraud. Anyone who attempts to defraud a financial institution guilty can be charged with bank fraud. This individual can be fined up to $1,000,000 or imprisoned for several years in the state of Texas. Bank fraud can be committed by processing fake loan applications or by the misuse of loaned money from the bank. Anyone caught making a false statement about the action of a financial institution can also be charged with fraud.
  • Securities fraud. Securities fraud occurs when an analyst or any other individual who trades securities engages in deceiving his or her investors for his or her own financial gain. A common example of securities fraud is insider training. This is when someone—usually within a company—uses private information not available to the general public to make an investment decision resulting in financial gain.
  • Money Laundering. Money laundering occurs when an individual attempts to transfer money that is the product of criminal activity or when an individual transfers money for the sole purpose of carrying out an illegal activity. This crime is often charged if prosecutors do not have enough evidence to bring charges for the alleged crime itself but have a money trail to follow.

Serious charges call for a serious defense. If any of these crimes describe your situation, reach out to a qualified attorney right away. The Law Office of David D. White, PLLC are here to assist you. Call us today at (512) 369-3737 for a free consultation.

Austin Financial Fraud Attorney

If you are accused of financial fraud, the odds may seem like they are stacked against you. Government prosecutors have thrown the book at defendants accused of these types of crimes in recent years, and any defendant hoping to survive with their reputation intact should hire a prominent fraud attorney.

No matter the amount of money involved in your case, you should contact a qualified, experienced attorney. David White is well known in Austin for his experience and proven track record. White spent many years working with large law firms throughout the country. He also spent time as a Lubbock County prosecutor. His experience in the courtroom is what you need for a victory. His ability to work under pressure make him a great choice, to give you your best chance in court.

If you have been charged with financial fraud, you deserve an effective defense. Contact an experienced financial fraud defense lawyer right away. With The Law Office of David D. White, PLLC , you will receive a free consultation. Call us today at (512) 369-3737 FREE.