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Criminal charges for juveniles are the same as those for adults, but that is where the similarities end. It is extremely important that you have an attorney representing you and your child who is familiar with the intricacies of criminal defense. The Law Office of David D. White, PLLC understand how to handle these cases and know that rehabilitation of the minor, not punishment of the minor, is the most important juvenile defense. The legal team at The Law Office of David D. White, PLLC is skilled in identifying what needs to be done with a juvenile case and is prepared to do it properly from the very beginning.

Defense Attorney for Texas Juvenile Cases

A dismissal can often be the result of a properly prepared juvenile case. In many cases, minors can be placed on periods of probation of 6 months to 1 year, and at the end of the probation period, the case against the minor is dismissed. The main goal in any juvenile court case is to assure that the charges do not have a long-term impact on the minor’s life.

The Law Office of David D. White, PLLC have experience in dealing with juvenile cases and are available to work with you and your child to successfully resolve you case. Contact us today at (512) 369-3737 to set up an initial meeting at no cost to you.

Austin Juvenile Defense Attorney

Your child’s first court date is referred to as a detention hearing if he or she is in custody. At this hearing, your attorney will enter a plea either admitting or denying the charges. The judge will deny the petition in most cases pending a review of the state’s case. The following criteria is used by most juvenile judges to determine whether or not authorities will continue to detain your child:

  • Whether your child is a flight risk and will appear in court.
  • Whether your child has violated a prior court order.
  • Whether it is reasonably necessary for the protection of the person or property of another.
  • Whether it is a matter of immediate and urgent necessity for the protection of your child.

Your child has the right to a speedy trial within 15 court days of the arraignment if he or she is detained and within 30 days if he or she is not in court custody. A pre-trial date is scheduled so that the attorneys of both parties can meet to discuss a possible resolution to the case. The judge is sometimes included in the discussion in the judge’s chamber. Jury trials are not allowed in juvenile cases.

It is very important that you have a lawyer who is familiar with the intricacies of Juvenile Court proceedings and Juvenile Court judges. Call The Law Office of David D. White, PLLC today at (512) 369-3737 to contact an Austin juvenile attorney. We stand ready to assist you and escort you and your child through the legal process.