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Racketeering comes in many different forms including bribery, fraud, illegal gambling, blackmail, extortion, money laundering, sexual exploitation of women and children and other illegal happenings. Considered a white-collar crime, racketeering may take place among legitimate businesses where it is easier to cover up any illegal activity. It may also be run by crime groups or union-like organizations.

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The purpose of racketeering is to obtain profit illegally as well as cause corruption. Victims of racketeering may include individuals, businesses, public officials, such as a mayor, and civil servants, such as a police captain. In 1970, in order to federally prosecute individuals and businesses guilty of racketeering, the federal government created a law called the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) statute. This statute goes after the offending group as a whole instead of each individual, therefore stopping the problem at the roots.

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Racketeering is a serious federal crime, and the punishment for a conviction varies depending on the complexity and severity of the crime. Although racketeering was more prevalent in former decades, racketeering still occurs today. In addition to the types of racketeering crimes mentioned above, the most serious form of modern-day racketeering involves manipulation of labor groups, including controlling the health, wealth and welfare of union members in order to generate illegal profit for outside groups. This crime is prosecuted aggressively due to its effect on employers and employees, but it impacts consumers and the economy as well.

Those accused of racketeering may face prison time and fines, frozen assets and seized assets, as well as other serious repercussions.

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