Tax Evasion Lawyer in Austin

Filing proper tax returns is a tedious and time consuming process, but improper filing and debts owed to the state can result in dangerous penalties. The substantial tax gap (the difference between money owed to the government in taxes and money actually paid) in the United States demonstrates the common problems that exist in filing and paying taxes.

Although there are options for handling delinquent taxes without the prospect of a jail sentence, an experienced attorney can help make sense of what debt is actually owed and fight for a person accused of owing more than they should.

What is Tax Evasion?

There is a critical distinction that must be made between delinquency and tax evasion. Delinquency, or a late tax return, allows a number of methods to avoid further charges. Community service, teaching and other services to the state can actually replace the tax money owed. These alternatives are dependent upon proving that the accused had full intent to timely pay and was not consciously working to avoid paying taxes for which he or she were responsible.

Tax evasion, however, is a more serious offense. Instead of simply filing returns and paying owed taxes late, evasion is a conscious effort to avoid paying taxes that are owed. It may also include a federal investigation. Federal charges can potentially result in prison terms as long as five years and fines in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially when tax evasion appears to have taken place over the course of a number of years. When sophisticated systems are put together to illegally withhold money from the government, serious consequences apply.

Travis County Tax Evasion Defense Lawyer

Accusations and charges regarding tax enforcement are complicated and are generally left to interpretation. With the help of an experienced defense attorney, people accused of tax evasion can work with state and federal enforcement agencies to minimize their charges and, in some cases, fight off charges completely.

The key is to work with legal counsel right away. As the government develops its case and proceeds with its investigation, the accused needs to have sufficient time and opportunity to build a defense.

The Law Firm of Law Office of David D. White, PLLC has the experience and will put forth the effort to prevent the worst charges from ever seeing the courtroom. With prosecutorial and government law experience, David White know how the process works and what the government wants to achieve in each case.

He is experienced in negotiating the best deals for their clients and working with the prosecution to find solutions that work for both sides. Contact a tax evasion defense attorney today at (512) 369-3737.